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Bespoke furniture
with soul and history created from genuine reclaimed wood

The history of our manufacturing is a tale of the past coming together with the present, of how beautiful, bespoke and modern furniture is created from these materials from the past.
Furniture with a soul made by people with passion.

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Reclaimed wood is not only about the beauty
and extreme durability.

It is also about caring for the environment and nature. Thanks to the materials we use we’ve been able to save:

Thousands of trees
On average a single tree is able to produce around 118kg of oxygen every year.
Two fully-grown trees are enough to create the amount of oxygen needed by a family of four
About us

What differentiates us from the rest?

The unrepeatability
and uniqueness of our products

The use of reclaimed wood, means that there will never be
a piece of furniture with the same soul and history as any other.

100 years ago a carpenter preparing a slab of wood for a piece of furniture, marked it with a number... Despite the passing of many decades this marking is still present on my table made by Regalia. They managed to preserve this marking, and now the table sits where it is the first piece of furniture that guests notice upon coming to my house. The table and the marking leave an impression on all guests that no other piece of furniture can do.

Polish manufacture
with tradition - appreciated
around the world

Clients, Interior Designers, and Interior design catalogues have praised the products that we create.

Yes, I believe that the character of my home is thanks to Regalia. Anna Dereszowska, Actress.

Interview with Elle Decoration 25/01/2022

Furniture with a soul, people with passion! REGALIA.
I’m delighted to recommend Regalia, a very reliable Polish manufacturer.

Furniture for generations
10 year Warranty

Customers value us for our original and unique solutions, quality and brilliant customer service.

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A table created by them is a piece of furniture that is unique and beautiful.

True ecology

We use exclusively reclaimed wood and metal.

Learn about the process of creating our furniture.

How do we create the furniture in our collection
as well as our custom furniture

Choose incredibly durable materials

Wood that has been abused by the elements is very resistant to moisture, and damage. The only care you need to worry about is applying a layer of natural care product, that you receive as part of the package, once a year.

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Our furniture connects generations. 100 years from now they will delight your great-grandchildren.

Sounds impossible? Well, it’s true. Furniture made from real reclaimed wood that for decades has been pelted and hardened by the elements will last for hundreds of years.

It is our heritage. A mark that is left by us. Paraphrasing the words of Phillippe Patek “In reality, you are never the owner of a piece of furniture made by Regalia. You are only ever keeping it for the next generation.”

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