Kuchnie ze starego drewna Regalia

The world is changing, we remain
faithful to traditional craftsmanship

We bring out the beauty of
100-year-old wood

The tree from which came our wood grew slowly, building strength in the tribulations of nature.
Then selected by a carpenter, it created a safe home for several generations.
Years later, saved by us from destruction, it was given a new life to serve your family.

Get to know the story

Quality developed
by nature

The wood from which we create your kitchen has aged for decades, so it is resistant and extremely solid. It is ideal for use in the kitchen.
You needn’t say no to a wooden countertop.
Finished with natural hardwax oils guarantying the highest quality of protection, as well as antibacterial properties.

Aged wood - quality for generations

All elements such as cabinet doors, plinths, interiors of cabinets and drawers are made of 100% of reclaimed wood. We do not use wood-like materials, laminates or plywoods that contain formaldehyde and other chemicals harmful to your health.

In the past, trees grew slowly in natural forests where they had optimal soil and humidity conditions. This slow annual growth affected the interior structure of the wood, making it stronger, and denser. The trees were then carefully selected by carpenters for their exact intended purpose. Felling took place in winter, when the tree contained the least amount of sap, thanks to which the risk of deformation was reduced. The wood was seasoned and dried naturally. Therefore, the reclaimed wood that we use in our projects is of the best quality.

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Reclaimed metal - the value of details

We believe in the quality of traditional craftsmanship. In regards to our kitchen hardware, we also remain faithful to our philosophy of wastelessness. The metal we recover during renovations is forged by us creating unique handles, hinges and other accessories. We make them according to your needs and expectations. Reliability and quality are as important as functionality. Handles forged by hand by our traditional craftsmen give the cabinet doors originality and an exceptionally exclusive look to your kitchen. Your kitchen can be beautiful and natural. It can also age gracefully.

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Cabinet doors LIKE NEW
This is our new service dedicated to owners of Regalia kitchen furniture. Time flies - that's normal - realities change, as do our views on many topics. The same can be said for you and your interior. Want to refresh the look of your kitchen? We understand this fully and that’s why if you plan to change the decor, all that’s needed is to change your kitchen cabinet doors. You already have all the building blocks - unit carcasses made of solid reclaimed wood. At your request, we make new cabinet doors with a colour or pattern of your liking. Thanks to this your kitchen will once again receive a new life. Need a change? get in touch.

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We create with passion
We work without haste

A kitchen made of wood is extremely undemanding in everyday use and easy to care for. All that is needed for maintenance is systematic cleaning. Periodic care with natural oil waxes will preserve the beauty of the wood for decades.
Take a look at the example kitchen pictured to the right. A wall clad in reclaimed brick. The recycled metal, brick and wood in this kitchen all have something in common - it all tells a story about people's lives, the craftsmanship from centuries ago, the loss and regaining of value, and the future of Regalia and your home.

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Bespoke projects

The kitchen is the heart of your home - in the era of rapid changes, having a place that is safe and lived-in and peaceful is priceless.

We create with passion, not with haste. We make furniture according to your individual needs. We believe your home deserves a unique and functional kitchen.

Solid craftsmanship and reclaimed raw material do not allow for compromises. The interiors of cabinets and drawers are as professional as the cabinet doors or countertops.

The personalization of the interiors and partitions of cabinets, from simple and common designs to more refined and custom ones is where we excel. Everything is made with solid craftsmanship and impeccable quality.

Great design cabinet interiors and drawers mean that your ingredients or kitchen utensils are always at hand. Upon request, we can equip our wooden kitchens with any number of inserts, compartments and special segregation modules. Order and clarity are as important as ergonomics.

Your kitchen is created by a team of trusted and experienced designers.

Your healthy kitchen will become the heart of a multi-generational family

True ecology

We love wood. And we love old, reclaimed wood even more.
We are proud that to create your kitchen, not a single tree has to be cut down.

Thanks to our highest standards of aesthetics, craftsmanship and the philosophy of not wasting, we hope to inspire more and more people to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Your home, your kitchen, your furniture they don’t have to harm our environment. Finished with ecological hardwax oils, the wood is safe for you and your household.

We create harmonious interiors kept in balance with nature.

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A story locked in wood

The turn of the 17th and 18th century is when this story begins - nature begins creating your furniture. Try to imagine it yourself; This one sapling, which more than 100 years later will be used for building the home of your ancestors. Years will fly, several generations will pass, and this centuries-old wood will get a new life in your home.
Create your dream modern kitchen with a soul and a great past.
The story of these trees that date back to the 17th century will be continued by the next generations.

Learn the history of your kitchen

Get inspired.
Take a close look at our interiors.

We create places where the spirit of history and modernity meet under one roof. Historic wood, traditional craftsmanship, a house living in harmony with nature
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Regalia heroes

What was important to them when creating their dream kitchen?
What concerns did they have? How does a kitchen made of historical wood present itself in a modern house?

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