Regalia z Serca Natury - Polska manufaktura starego drewna.

Regalia. From the heart of nature.

We treat the heritage of nature with the utmost respect - hence the idea for the name, because regalia means royal insignia. To us, it means our deep belief that quality and traditional craftsmanship give value to what is unique and unrepeatable.

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Through creating, we write a new history.

The experience gained over several years of working with reclaimed wood allows us to rescue it from being forgotten and extract from it, strength and beauty for future generations.

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Regalia's mission and vision

The only downside to our reclaimed wood furniture – it will outlive us all. OUR VISION

We want to be a place where the client becomes a co-author of the final work. We make sure that our brand retains the features of a passionate manufacturer that draws inspiration and strength from the fascinating region of Warmia. Almost everything – from sourcing the material and preparing it to production and manufacture of the final product – we do with the power of our hands. We create with people in mind.


We do not make commercial products, we try to create value above all.
To educate and show that what we have or had does not have to be replaced with something new, very often of much worse quality. We create furniture for generations, we want it to outlive us. This is our philosophy, of environment and life first. The philosophy we follow is our answer to the current state of consumerism.

History is in our hands

With a mission and a passion for history, people and nature.

For us, history is just the beginning. We create in harmony with nature, respecting the knowledge and effort of old craftsmen. Our hands touch every piece of old raw material, allowing it to survive and live again.

We wanted the women's dressing rooms at the Kwadrat Theater to have their charm, as a dressing room for celebrities should. I was searching for an idea of how to make this space feel warmer and give it character. I went to Regalia. Thanks to them, it was possible to combine modernity - cleanliness, and freshness with the atmosphere that reclaimed materials give. It's as precious as gold. These boards, the furniture; you put your hand on them, and you feel that someone has used it for many decades. What an amazing feeling. This interior gives a feeling of real emotional depth. We appreciate it very much. The wardrobe is one of a kind, the only one in the whole world.

— Andrzej Nejman,
actor and director of the Kwadrat Theatre.

Be the change with us

Using old materials to build houses and make furniture is not just a unique selling point for our customers – it is also concern for the environment. Cutting down forests to obtain young wood to produce furniture whose quality is incomparably lower than that of reclaimed wood, while assigning the reclaimed, high-quality wood for firewood is barbaric. According to the Global Trees Campaign, in the UK less than 10% of wood waste is recycled, and at least 3,000 tonnes of timber from demolitions is destroyed or burned (every single day!). Most of this wood could have been reused. It is our mission to change this.

Dreams of creating unique and durable things in harmony with nature

We treat the heritage of nature royally - hence the idea for the name, because regalia means royal insignia. To us, it means our deep belief that quality and traditional craftsmanship give value to what is unique and unrepeatable.

We continue the story that was written by nature

Take a look at this house in Masuria. From the beginning, the design was such that the nature of the interior should coexist with what is outside the window. Interiors that allow the sounds and colours of nature to permeate its walls - a gust of fresh air from the Masurian Lake District, the shimmering colours of autumn leaves falling. And the sounds and colours are present in every detail of the home's decor. You will find them on the ceiling wrapped around our reclaimed boards, bookcases and tables made of reclaimed wood. Elements of the history of nature and man that will continue in the hands of new owners.

Behind everything is the people, and for over a dozen years we have been creating a unique workplace

From the beginning, the driving force behind Regalia has been the place where our production was established and its people. Our employees are people from our community. We often employ whole families to whom we provide daily security. This is our way of allowing crafts and traditions passed down from generation to generation to continue. Local craftsmen that know the local building materials and building methods of the time gone by is our guarantee for maintaining the highest quality of our products.

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History and strength locked
in real reclaimed wood

We only use real reclaimed wood and metal
from demolition.
The hardening of raw materials by the forces of nature over many many years allows us to work with materials of great durability.
Our produce is a new beginning for these materials, and it is furniture for generations to come.

Explore the history of materials
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