Stare drewno z rozbiórki, unikatowe meble z drewna Regalia, stare belki, cegły z odzysku

Wood, metal and brick

Old wood, recycled metal
and reclaimed brick

We only use materials with a long history, recovered through careful, manual demolition of derelict structures. We give them a new life, turning them into unique furniture elements and home furnishings.

Old wood

How to choose the right type of reclaimed wood for your kitchen?

Old wood is not only high quality and a guarantee of furniture durability. It’s also the possibility to select various types of surfaces that differ from each other with differing machining marks from a hundred years ago and the extent to which they have been worn by weather conditions.

And it is this decision to choose a surface that is the dilemma that every one of our clients faces, and almost all, say this: “Please explain to me the deal with all these different types of finishes, because I don’t have a clue”. We explain and show what your options are.

The reclaimed wood from which we make our furniture comes from beams and thick boards obtained during the demolition of derelict structures. A hundred years ago, these beams were processed in two ways – they were hewn with an axe, or cut with a primitive two-man saw. Of course, back then it was all done manually.

The wood served as a structural beam inside a building, meaning it was not rained on, and wind and snow did not cause knots to swell out of the wood. The beam had time to form a patina and characteristic cracks. We make hand-hewn, and hand-sawed furniture from these beams.

Hand-hewn surfaces are more uneven. With the naked eye, you can easily see cracks, furrows, clear traces of axe marks, and emphasized wood grains. The rawness of furniture made with our hand-hewn wood is what gives it its character and strength. This method of preparation of reclaimed wood is a great choice for the bathroom as a countertop under the washbasin or a bathroom cabinet. Our hand-hewn beams are also used to make beds, stools, coffee tables and TV cabinets. For the brave – a hand-hewn bar or a rustic table. See the hand-hewn surface up close.

A hand-sawn surface on the other hand is more even. It’s not perfectly straight, however, it does have beautiful, charismatic marks made hundreds of years ago by old-fashioned sawmills. This can be felt and seen on the surfaces of our furniture. We have preserved the structure and patina from the century passed, because it brings a unique beauty to our furniture.

We recommend furniture with a hand-sawn surface to lovers of wood with mechanical patinas. It is ideal for table tops or kitchen countertops. It is also a great material for making chests of drawers, cabinets and coffee tables.

See what the face of a hand-cut beam looks like.

Another type of wood from which we make our furniture is beams or very thick boards that formed the external walls of a building. Such a beam was affected by wind and rain
and snow carving characteristic grooves in it. It is – in our opinion – the most beautiful
surface from which any piece of furniture can be made. Take a close look at it. We are curious what you think.

Other types of surfaces made of old wood, from which we make our furniture, are:

beam core – structured and sawn. The wood comes from the centre of the beam, which means it doesn’t have the same wear and tear as the exterior of the beam. Therefore, it is brighter than the face of the exterior so we darken it with natural hardwax oil. The core is also more even than the external surfaces of the beam, so customers often choose them for kitchen worktops.

What is the difference between a structured core and a sawn core? The structured core has grains which can easily be felt under the fingers, while the sawn core has a smoother surface that is slightly wavy. The difference is best seen in these photos.

Types of surfaces

Reclaimed metal

We are unique because we are the only
company in Poland to use exclusively reclaimed metal for the production of our furniture.

We are consistent. We are the only company in Poland that use exclusively recycled metal for the production of furniture. Of course, it is easier to buy ready-made metal parts.

But we’re not about taking the easy way out. We search for metal at scrap yards or recover it from demolished buildings, barns and granaries. The reclaimed metal needs to be cleaned thoroughly. The more pitting, the more difficult cleaning is, but the end result truly is impossible to imitate.

We do not sand our reclaimed metal, we clean it by hand so as not to damage or scratch the original patina. We do this because it matters to us that the true story of these components is told through our furniture, as opposed to chemically aged metal, which is so common nowadays. After cleaning, we protect the metal with a colourless protectant, as to reduce corrosion.

If we can’t use reclaimed metal, we don’t undertake the project. Don’t believe us? Check.

Check how we obtain our metal

Recycled steel square sections

We use exclusively recycled metal for the production of our furniture. Using steel in our furniture gives it unrivalled solidity, and means that no other support is necessary. Steel constructions fit perfectly with reclaimed wood table tops and countertops. The steel can be painted any way you like, but the look we like the most is the raw steel look.

Recycled rebar and steel piping

Steel worn down by the flow of time makes for the most beautiful type of steel. Time decorates the steel in unique natural pits, much more beautiful looking than those resulting from unnatural

chemical ageing. Cleaning the steel requires a lot of work, but for such an effect it is worth the effort.

For the production of our furniture, we use rebar with a round, square, smooth or ribbed cross-section. The latter is gaining more and more popularity in modern space design.

Other recycled metals

Would it occur to you that a thick recycled steel sheet could become a beautiful table? No? To us it did. The Corona Coffee cafe in Szczecin commissioned us to make such tables, the bases of which were made of sheet metal, and the legs of old pipes.

But the most unusual combination of recycled sheet metal and old wood can be seen in our famed oak table. We obtained the sheet metal from scrapped grain silos. Cracks in the steel originally worried us, but they turned out to be the most beautiful part of the piece.

We also give a second life to recycled squares by making bases for tables, and vanity units.

Sliding door mechanisms

Like all metal elements of our furniture, our sliding door mechanisms are made by hand and of course only from recycled metal.

These mechanisms include:

– a bar on which the door slides
– decorative fastening mechanism (rollers, wheels, horseshoes and others)
– old bolts, screws
– roller – The only component unfortunately made with new Teflon – at the bottom of the door, which prevents the door from tilting outwards when opening or closing.
– a metal bar made of a 100-year-old door hinge (which also came from a door, only a larger one – a barn door), which acts as decoration, whilst also weighing down the door, and preventing the roller from rubbing on wood.

Everything is planned and carefully executed, and at the same time 100% handmade.

Reclaimed brick

An increasingly popular building and finishing material. Why? Because it is not only beautiful but also superior in its quality to all modern equivalents. Only a hundred years ago, quality was the focus, not quantity.

The bricks were made of clay seasoned for at least three years, to which no chemicals were added. Everything was completely natural. Those were the days of environmentalists! Wojtek Sobierański was delighted with the bricks of a house he bought in Warmia. And from this

delight, Regalia Polish Manufacture was established. Now, we sell these bricks. The bricks come from three different sources, and all have a different style – Gothic, Prussian or post-German. And thanks to this brick, your home can look like this.

Of course, not everyone has a house big enough to decorate the interior with bricks. But don’t be saddened if that’s the case. We have a simple solution for those who want these reclaimed bricks but do not have the space. The solution is brick tiles! More precisely, tiles
made of old reclaimed bricks. The tiles are 2 cm thick and have been made by cutting off the faces of reclaimed bricks.

The tiles are carefully cleaned, but the tiles are not sanded so as not to damage the old, original surface or patina. Our tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors. So it’s not only the walls of the living room that can look like they are made of old bricks but also the facade of a house built using modern materials.

In order for the wall decorated with our brick tiles to look like an authentic brick wall, it is necessary to use both, the face of the brick and the side. Walls are built by laying one brick sideways and one lengthways. This makes for a visible pattern that goes small brick, big brick, small brick, and so forth.

Of course, the mortar also has to work with tiles. Therefore, skip the expensive, specialized grout and just use a simple mortar mix. The wall is supposed to look like a brick wall.
The tiles like actual bricks and the grout like mortar. This is the look this creates.

It’s an old story that started several centuries ago. It’s hard to find witnesses to this story among people. But the story is told nevertheless – it’s told by the brick, by its texture, its colours. Reborn in our projects, on the walls, and floors of your homes, these recycled bricks will last another century, presenting the passing of time for generations to come. But it’s not all just about beauty.

Choose original, durable, functional and economical solutions!

We guarantee an original design perfectly suited to today’s times:
• Old brick from hand demolition of derelict buildings – large quantities, documented origin.
• Brick wall tiles – for cladding the walls in your kitchen, bathroom, and living room. • Brick floor tiles – the most energy-efficient solution.

We will deliver virtually any quantity of reclaimed bricks and brick wall or floor tiles. We will help in the design and implementation, allowing you to fall in love with the outcome.
Take advantage of years of our experience!

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