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Our showrooms are restaurants, cafes, hotels and shops. Their owners appreciate our unique building materials, natural recycled materials, and hand-made furniture with a long history. Currently, a growing group of clients is looking not only for solid, beautiful furniture but are also paying attention to caring for the environment and use only brands that are doing the same. Regalia Polish Manufacture creates high-quality products whilst caring for the environment.

It brings us great satisfaction that we were the first in Poland in our industry. We created this trend! Today, furniture and elements made of reclaimed wood appear in hotels and restaurants, and tomorrow they will be in banks and offices.

We create individual solutions adapted to the character of the interior, providing functionality and a unique atmosphere because reclaimed wood is a perfect combination of aesthetics and ecology. It is worth having it in your home and your business.

You can read more about our implementation in the Szum restaurant in Warsaw on our blog.



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