Not just wood - See how we welded the metal elements of our grand table - Regalia

Not just wood - See how we welded the metal elements of our grand table

13/02/2024, added by: Regalia

We are the only company in Poland that use only reclaimed metal in the production of our kitchen hardware. Obviously, the easier solution would be to bulk buy our hardware from factories that specialise in this manufacture. We hate the idea of doing the easy thing. We search scrap yards, and scour demolition sites for metal that can used for our kitchens. Reclaimed metal needs to be prepared very carefully, the more damaged by rust, the more cleaning and preparation a piece of metal requires. we don’t use sandblasting but rather hand prepare each piece as to not disturb the patina achieved over years of weathering. after the preparation process we coat the metal with an impregnating solution or a specialist paint, preventing further corrosion from taking place. We simply do not take up a project if something prevents us from using reclaimed metal. This philosophy allows us to create truly unique and unrepeatable pieces such as this table, take a look!

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